Our Directors

Gary Bauer

Gary Bauer

Gary is the Director of Awosting. Gary has worked at camps starting when he was 16, working in the kitchen and moving his way up to being the waterfront director of Camp Awosting! Prior to rejoining Camp Awosting he worked in the International staffing industry for camps. This was a great job as he was involved with placing up to 1700 International staff at camps across the US. Also during this time he visited many camps and dealt with many different camp issues all preparing him to be a Camp Director.

In addition to being a Camp Director, Gary has been married to the best wife in the world for over 20 years and they have two great sons. One is training to become a paramedic in South Carolina and the other has a successful business, while still being in High School.

When Gary is not working he enjoys reading, sailing and spending time with his family. Gary is also an active member of the CONNY Youth Lacrosse executive committee.

Gary looks forward to meeting all of you as well as your sons! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact him.

Kris Ebner Martin

Kris Ebner Martin

Kris is the Managing Director of Ebner Camps, Inc.. She follows in the footsteps of her father (Buzz Ebner), her aunt (Barbara Ebner) and grandfather (the late Oscar Ebner Sr.), who all served as Directors of Awosting and Chinqueka, as well as President/Vice President of Ebner Camps, for several decades. Kris spent her first summer at Awosting at the age of 5 months! As a child, she attended our sister camp, Chinqueka, and later joined the staff as a CIT, counselor and Program Director. Kris has been the Waterfront Director or Director at Chinqueka or Awosting for over 30 years. As Director, Kris’ primary goal is to ensure the children at Awosting and Chinqueka have a safe, caring and fun environment where they can grow and develop into responsible young men and women.

Kris has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Charter Oak State College and a Master of Arts degree in Education from Ashford University. In between her time as Director of Chinqueka and Awosting, Kris served as Executive Director of a YMCA camp in Florida. Kris is one of the founding owners of two nearby day camps, Boulder Ridge and Eagle Rock, also operated by Ebner Camps. She is an active member of the American Camp Association and Connecticut Camping Association.

In addition to being a camp director, Kris is a single mother of 3 boys, who all attended Awosting as campers. Her two older boys are now married and her youngest, Hugh, will be a full-fledged staff member at Chinqueka in 2022, working at the motocross track. Kris and Hugh live in Connecticut, near camp. (As the girls at Chinqueka can tell you, it’s just “300 yards down the road”!)

When not coordinating the activities at all 4 Ebner Camps, Kris is an active member of her barbershop chorus, enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with her dog Scoot and her friends & family.

Buzz and Sherry Ebner

Buzz and Sherry are Directors Emeritus of Camp Awosting and have been together at Awosting for over 50 years. Buzz has actually been at Awosting for over 70 years, having started as a camper at age 6 and been on the staff since he was 16, including nearly 30 years as Director starting in 1975. For many years, they were the “engine” that made Awosting run – combining caring and fun to make sure each camper was treated like one of their own children – and still love being a part of the Awosting community today. Buzz and Sherry have been recognized by the American Camp Association as “Pioneers of Camping” for over 30 years of professional camp experience.

Buzz and Sherry’s daughter, Kris Ebner Martin, is the Managing Director of Ebner Camps and Director of Awosting. She is ensuring that the next generation of Awosting and Chinqueka campers enjoy everything that has made our camps a summer tradition since 1900.