International Campers

Each year we have a number of campers who join us from international locations and this service caters to their unique needs.  The International Camper Package provides Airport transportation to and from JFK Airport, linen and trunk rental during their stay with us and any toiletries that the camper may need, should they run out. Awosting staff members in camp uniform will greet your child at JFK airport to pick them up. A bus will take staff members and new campers to camp, where they will be greeted by their cabin counselor and new cabin mates. Their bed will be made with fresh linens and a trunk/foot locker can be used to keep their clothes in while at camp.

Note: All International Campers are required to schedule their flights to arrive at JFK Airport in New York City between 12pm and 5pm on the Saturday before their session begins. This allows the campers to be picked up from the airport, get a meal, head back to camp, call home to say you have arrived safely and get some rest before the rest of the campers arrive the next day at 1:30pm when the session begins.

Campers flying home will travel to the airport in a chartered bus with Awosting staff. The staff members will escort the camper to the airline check-in, where they will be sure your son gets on their departing flight as an unaccompanied minor, in the care of the airline.

If you have any questions about this package, please contact Alex at +1 (860) 567-4924 or