My oldest son went to Camp Awosting for 6 years. He is 19 now and in Basic Training for the US Navy while his younger brother is attending Camp Awosting. He said that if it were not for him attending this camp, he would not be adapting to boot camp as well as he is. He is a leader, independent, social and able to follow structured schedules and guidelines much in part to this AMAZING camp. His [younger] brother is quickly following in his footsteps at the age of 7 years and his first year at camp…He has found a forever family here at this camp and will continue life’s adventures through all the friends and staff supporting him and guiding him each year. My family and I are forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing experience at Camp Awosting.

Thank you for giving Ryan a GREAT camp experience! He hasn’t stopped telling stories about his new friends, the great counselors, and the activities he did. He will definitely be back next year same time (he informed us of that as soon as he got in the car!) – Sandi H.

Just to let you know that our boys really enjoyed your camp. The first days were hard for our youngest, because he didn’t speak English as well as his brother, but after some days he really loved the activities and the counselors. They both want to come back next year! Thank you for all your efforts to make our children’s summer great! – Marie-Luce B., Paris, France

My husband and I visited our son, John, last Saturday at your camp. We were so impressed with the counselors’ attitudes toward the boys that we had to write to tell you of our pleasure. Every counselor we met or passed called our son by his first name, smiled, and seemed very happy in his job. Our son’s reaction was to smile and speak to each. We could tell that our son was pleased to be at camp. This was a surprise because he was not looking forward to the whole camp experience – especially being away from home for the first time! That’s a tribute to you and your whole team of organizers and counselors. – John M.

Our son so enjoyed the canoe sleep out trip across the lake. Very adventurous! And he loved the new bungee jump. You just keep making Camp Awosting better! – Diana and Sal, Purchase, NY

For two glorious months I swam, sailed, practiced marksmanship, and labored mightily on projects in the hobby shop. Most notably, I played, talked, and lazed with other boys from different backgrounds and means than myself. Words do not convey how wonderful this time was for me. I was and am a very, very lucky individual, and cannot help but believe that the summer I spent at your camp contributed to that success and happiness. – Anthony G., Mill Valley, CA

Camp life for Alex is where he finds his soul. Awosting is where he looks at his humanity and his life. I saw him hugging the little guys just like he was hugged six years ago (when he was a camper). I saw him taking pride in the little ones getting awards and in his team and taking pride in what he had done. Keep track of the unlimited scope and “can do” attitudes you teach and the universes you open up. Thank you again for being in his life. See you next year. – Cynthia S., CT.

I love the way the kids all look so happy, tired and relaxed after a busy day rather than the blank zoned look so typical of kids today who have had too much screen time. Devin has chosen to return again next summer. – Ann C., Toronto, Canada