eXtreme Activities

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Climbing Tower and Zip Line

Easily one of the most popular activities at Awosting, the Climbing Wall and Zip Line are for the campers that like challenges. In order to take a ride on the tower zip line, campers must first scale one of the sides of the climbing wall – always supervised by several trained staff members. Additionally, campers can opt to rappel. As with all the activities at Awosting, safety is always the first concern – but having FUN is a close second!

In the afternoons, we also open up our 1,000 foot Zip Line for campers to enjoy. Campers zip from platform to platform – one of the best new activities added in recent years! (Psst… Parents, if you sign up for 4+ weeks and come for a Visiting Day, you too can give it a try. You won’t be disappointed – it brings out the kid in all of us!) And if you’re concerned about safety, don’t be. All of our Tower and Zip Line staff are certified in Climbing Tower Safety and the 1,000 foot zip line is staffed with at least 4 staff while in operation.


The Kart track at the top of the road is the place to test your driving skills – NO LICENSE REQUIRED!! All campers have the opportunity to try and beat the camp speed record around the track. In addition, basic engine care and maintenance are taught in morning instruction sessions. As with all our programs, safety and fun are always our number one concerns.


Restricted to campers 11 and older, the Motocross is a huge hit with our older campers. Whether it is on our trails through the woods, or on the circuit track, campers have the opportunity to race against each other. Helmets and long pants are required of all riders. Formal safety and bike maintenance lessons are built into the morning instruction periods.


Robin Hood where are you? Become a skilled archer this summer. Camp Awosting’s archery range is the best place for boys to become sharpshooters. Morning instruction teaches campers the skills they need and the safety required to be a top-notch archer. Practicing daily pays off when the boys compete against the girls of Camp Chinqueka in one of the many summer exchanges.


Think skateboarding is cool? Then you’ll love Mountainboarding. Combine the skills and agility of skateboarding with the terrain and toughness of Mountainbiking and you’ve got one eXtreme, fun activity.

Bungee Trampoline

Flip and fly through the air on our awesome 30 foot bungee trampoline. Campers of all ages are welcome to jump till they drop. We open this activity up for afternoon electives and special events, like Socials with Chinqueka.

Overnight Camping

In the mood to rough it? Weekly overnight trips take the campers out into the wilderness of the Litchfield Hills. Campers set up camp at local private camping sites, normally near a river or lake, and get back in touch with nature. Enjoy an evening sleeping under the stars, roasting marshmallows over a fire and telling stories. To find out about additional co-ed extended camping trips, offered to the senior campers of Awosting and Chinqueka, please see the Special Events page.


Could you survive in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on your back? Learn how to track animals, build a shelter, and make a fire. You won’t believe how many ways you can catch a fish or start a fire using nothing but what you find in the woods. If you like the Discovery Channel, this activity is for you!


Each week, we have a campfire to bring the campers and staff together for an evening of singing, games, storytelling, and recognition of achievement. With each campfire, campers leave with a lasting memory of a few hours spent with friends from their cabin and their cabin counselors.