Arts & Sciences

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Open Auditions!! Actors are wanted for this summer’s performances. Campers aid in all aspects of the performance – from lighting and costume design, to scenery and direction. Whether it is a one man play, or a musical with our sister camp – Camp Chinqueka – every production is sure to please even the toughest critics.

Arts & Crafts

Learn the latest way to Tie-Dye your socks (bring an extra pair, just in case!) Or, make a lanyard key-chain for your older brother who has to stay home for summer school. The Arts & Crafts program develops the creative side of our campers. Campers are encouraged to experiment with different type of crafts not taught in a normal school art program. The results are seen around camp – from the cover of the newspaper, to the backdrop in the camp drama production.


Counselors work with campers to teach and operate power equipment such as the jig saw, sanding belts or a drill press. Campers learn to design and build projects from scratch or they may use examples from summers past to bring home as a souvenir from camp. Whether it is a “specially designed” ping-pong paddle or a coat rack for dad’s upcoming birthday, woodworking at camp makes each project fun and rewarding.


Fire up the kiln and get your hands dirty! You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the Ceramics Shack. We have kick and mechanical wheels, a state-of-the-art kiln, and enough clay and glazes for almost any project. You can even work with the Video program to produce the next great claymation feature.

Video Production

If you have ever wanted to make a movie, you can do it at Awosting. Campers can learn to be the next Oscar-winning director or cinematographer. Campers learn how to edit on our computers using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. A mini-documentary is shot by campers every two weeks and sent home to all campers in the fall.


Pick up one of our guitars and start strumming! Whether you already play, or have never plucked a note, our music program will have you jamming in no time. You can bring your own guitar or bass if you would like or learn to play the keyboard or drums. Get a band together and play for a talent show or get into the recording studio at Radio and make your first demo.


Radio Awosting is easily one of the camp’s more popular programs. Campers learn about the sophisticated equipment required to mix music and broadcast to the local area. Create your own podcast or spin up your favorite tunes for all of camp to hear!


The camp newspaper, the Bugle, is written by and for campers. Campers learn how to track a story, follow leads, and what it takes to put together a weekly publication. Every camper then writes a letter home on the back of their newspaper each week – so you can share in the activities and events that happened in camp the previous week.


Campers learn composition, lighting and other key techniques in digital photography. Are your pictures good enough to make the camp newspaper ?  Create a scrapbook of pictures to look back on in the winter months – remembering the fun you had in your cabin, on the fields, or at the social!